Petro-Tech’s process heaters (process furnaces) are used in refinery processes where long run times between shutdowns are critical. We draw on years of experience to design and manufacture safe, reliable industrial process heaters that meet all requirements, and we can help you determine which type of process heater is best suited to your particular application. As a process heating company, we manufacture to API Standard 560, Fired Heaters for General Refinery Service.

Our process furnace manufacturing capability includes alloy coil materials and certified weld procedures are registered for the required weld processes. We use fully documented quality control methods to track material from initial receipt through the manufacturing process and to final shipment, and ensure that you have all required documentation.

We also use Positive Material Identification (PMI) so you have complete confidence that we are using best manufacturing practices. Ceramic fibre and castable refractory lining are matched to the final service requirements and low NOx burners minimize environmental impact. Finally, our modular construction format minimizes field erection time and expense.

Reducing the Cost of Industrial Process Heating

Using heat recovered from flue or exhaust gases is an important energy efficiency process that helps oil and gas companies meet their environmental sustainability goals as well as improve cost efficiency. Waste heat recovery units have been a part of Petro-Tech’s history since 1973 and have been installed on all types of process heaters. Users report dramatic paybacks—in many cases the units pay for themselves in less than one year—and smooth, trouble-free operation.

We can design a waste heat recovery system for use with flue or exhaust gases up to 1200ºF. Combustion air pre-heater capacities range up to 40 MMBTUH per hour and heat transfer media temperature can be heated to 650ºF for thermal fluids. Systems can recapture heat into thermal oils, glycol mixtures, inlet, air or steam.

Types of Fired Process Heaters/Furnaces

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