In the quest for reduced CO2 emissions, the use of heat recovered from flue gas exhaust has become an important energy efficiency process. Waste heat recovery units have been part of Petro-Tech’s history since 1973 and have been installed on all types of process furnaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Users report dramatic paybacks, in many cases less than one year, and smooth, trouble-free operation.
  • Waste heat recovery systems allow process plants to maximize thermal efficiency of a process flue gas or exhaust gas.
  • Heat transfer media temperature can reach up to 650 degrees F for thermal fluids.
  • Designs are available for use with flue or exhaust gases up to 1200 degrees F.
  • Combustion air preheater capacities range up to 40 MMBTUH/Hr.
  • Recaptures heat into thermal oils, glycol mixtures, inlet, air or steam.
Heat. Engineered with Passion.