Thermal fluid systems (heat medium packages), must be designed and built perfectly to meet the needs of oil and gas companies. You need to know you’re getting a thermal fluid system that’s safe, reliable and meets all other requirements, and you need the documentation to back that up.

We create skid-mounted units up to 40 MMBTUH for Canadian and global oil and gas companies. Our packaged thermal fluid systems provide single-source responsibility for complete plant heat medium requirements. All burner controls, fuel gas train and control panel including temperature indicators, pressure switches and fluid-flow protection are pre-piped, wired, and factory tested for proper, fully automatic operation.

Petro-Tech’s thermal fluid systems feature:

  • Pumps, expansion tank, fully insulated piping and instrumentation designed to suit the most stringent specifications
  • Heat exchangers, piping, valves and controls designed to work with your process fluid and heat media
  • Auxiliary skids designed to support your systems, including pump skids, expansion tanks, structural towers and blanketing equipment

Experts in Thermal Fluid Systems

Working collaboratively with you, our experts ensure that your thermal fluid system (heater package) achieves your objectives. If required, we’ll provide input on ways to reduce the complexity of the thermal fluid system to minimize potential issues in the future, developing the simplest but most elegant solution for you. In addition, our skid package design specialists are available to answer your questions and clarify design options.

Our Thermal Fluid Systems

Heat. Engineered with Passion.